Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.   Submission fees are non-refundable after September 1.
2.   Artist assumes all risk and responsibility for transportation, installation, exhibition and removal of art work and agrees to hold the following entities and their agents harmless for any loss or damage to exhibited art works:
 a) NCArts, b) SYRCL, c) Exibition Venues.
3)  Accepted Artists will coordinate installation and removal with Exhibition Venue Representative.  Exhibition Venue contact information will be sent to Accepted Artists in late November.  All art work must be installed no later than Wednesday, January 13, and removed no earlier than Monday, January 18.  (Many venues display festival artwork the entire month of January.)
4)  Artist assumes all risk of participation in the Wild and Scenic Film Festival Art Exhibition and agrees to hold the following entities and their agents harmless for any loss or damage due to injury or illness while participating in the Exhibition:  a) NCArts, b) SYRCL, c) Exhibition Venues.
5)  Artist is responsible for reporting and paying all applicable taxes and commissions.  The standard commission paid to the Exhibition Venue is 25%, unless this agreement is superceded by a prior written contract with the Exhibition Venue.
6)  NCArts, SYRCL, and the Wild and Scenic Film Festival may reproduce and distribute images of submitted art work for promotional purposes.
7) Any art work unclaimed one week after the agreed upon removal date may become the property of NCArts.  NCArts may donate, sell, or otherwise dispose of such art work.
8)  In any sales transaction, title to the art work passes directly from the artist to the buyer.


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